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Can I use SimSimi API for Free?

No. SimSimi API is not free. You can purchase paid key on http://developer.simsimi.com/pricing
But You can Trial 7 day for Testkey. It's limited 100 calls/day

How can I get the Trial key?

Signup on Simsimi developer site for free. http://developer.simsimi.com/signUp

What about Curse or sexual word, etc ?

You can use simsimi's default filtering function. (check "ft" parmater in request paremeter)
It's just optional function. and SimSimi Inc. DO NOT gurantee the quality of the function.
(Now it's only available for Korean.)
Visit https://www.webpurify.com for filtering

My key is not availiable now: {"result":509,"msg":"Daily Request Query Limit Exceeded."= What should i do ?

If you want to have more daily quota or commercial use,
You should purchase Simsimi AICR API package. for more details on http://developer.simsimi.com/pricing