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I would like to give feedback on SimSimi service.

This is a conversation API site, so please visit SimSimi's official blog.
SimSimi official blog : http://blog.simsimi.com

Can I use SimSimi API for Free?

No. SimSimi API is not free. You can purchase paid key on http://developer.simsimi.com/pricing
But You can Trial 7 day for Testkey. It's limited 100 calls/day

How can I get the Trial key?

Signup on Simsimi developer site for free. http://developer.simsimi.com/signUp

My key is not availiable now: {"result":509,"msg":"Daily Request Query Limit Exceeded."= What should i do?

If you want to have more daily quota or commercial use,
You should purchase Simsimi AICR API package. for more details on http://developer.simsimi.com/pricing

I purchased a paid-key, but only the error is returned.

Did you use Trial-key's request URL? paid-key and trial-key are different request URL. You used a paid-key URL but it does not work normally, please send the URL to api@simsimi.com

I don't want to receive responses that include curse or sexual word.

You can use simsimi's default filtering function. (check "ft" parmater in request paremeter) It's just optional function. Its performance is not good except in Korean. SimSimi Inc. DO NOT gurantee the quality of the function.
If there are keywords you should not include, please let me know it by email api@simsimi.com. If it is obviously an inappropriate word, I will modify our DB to ensure it is not included in the answers.

I would like to use extra features such as teaching and filtering.

Extra Function are available only to conversaion API buyers and will require payment of additional fees. Procedure for applying for extra Function is as follows.
1) Purchase a conversation API.
2) On the API Configuration page, click the [Apply for extra function] button, and write the application form.
3) Reply to the confirmation email you received.
4) After receiving the invoice for the applied extra features, pay with PayPal.

I can not sign up

You can not sign up on the Chinese network because of the Great Fire Wall issue.

I can not pay with paypal.

Korean can not purchase API with PayPal because of the PayPal policy. If you request a purchase to api@simsimi.com , we send you an email so that you can make a purchase by bank transfer.